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Paradigm PoP

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Empty Response Recieved

** UPDATE 10/24 **
We've managed to get a good sampling of data from over the weekend. You may still see the issue but know we have our engineers working on fixing this! More here later.

We have been made aware that some of you guys are experiencing a strange issue where when you load PoP Project, it gives you a white screen. Digging a bit deeper, we saw that the server returns a response, but it's completely empty.

Guess What? We Changed the Look of Paradigm PoP

We have changed the Paradigm PoP site to a new look. Our motive was to bring across our focus on the people that use our software over the software itself. Also, we looked to make the site cleaner and slightly more corporate.

EPF Project Management Automation with PoP Project

On April 14th, Diwant Vaidya, CEO and Founder, Paradigm PoP, will deliver a webcast to the EPF community on how to use PoP Project to automate projects.

What is EPF? It stands for Eclipse Process Framework. This is an open source project that was commissioned under the Eclipse organization ( Its original goals included coming up with a tool to author processes, and an example process authored using the tool.

Collapsing Tasks for Simple Project Management

As part of our update week (this week also saw Task Promotion and Demotion, as well as Moving Subtasks Across Tasks), we have added the ability to collapse tasks.  Task based project management the way we implement it has you guys creating many levels of tasks, cluttering your screen with child tasks you don't need to see right now.

New Feature - Moving Subtasks across Tasks

And we announce another new feature - the ability to move subtasks across tasks!

New Feature - Promoting and Demoting Tasks

Moving a task makes easy project planning easier

Today we announce a feature addition to PoP Project - now you can promote and demote tasks!

Collaboration in Cairo

Hail to Democracy!

What happened in Egypt this week is simply amazing. In a 30 second announcement Omar Suleiman declared that Hoshni Mobarak's tyranny of 30 years had ended! It took a non violent movement of 18 days to herald the victory of people's will upon the machinations of the strong arm government, and pave the path for democracy. Gandhi must be smiling. How did they do it? How did the millions who gathered around the country and raised the call for freedom from Tahrir Square organize themselves?

It’s time for Project Management and Collaboration the PoP way!

We have been in business for about three years. It’s been as if you are on a plane waiting on the runway to take off. Looking outside and anticipating when you will experience that thrust of aircraft adrenalin which keeps you pinned to your back rest for the seconds while the jets roar to pull the machine off ground and in the air. Then it happens. For PoP Project we are in that exact moment.

So far we have had many beta customers use the tool, but have been waiting to start the take off in terms of sign ups, accolades, and acceptance. Now we see it happening.

Fail! Missing Project Wall Replies and a Failed Cron Job

Recently, we heard from our users that email replies were not being sent to the wall. Further investigation led us to find 15 emailed replies that had not made their way to the wall. Also, several emails were not being read and posted completely (it looked like the system was eating part of the reply!).

The email reply system is now fixed, and here is what we did to fix it.

The Secret of The 1/19/80 Social Project Team

Here is a Prezi I made to start thinking about how to apply what we have learned about social networks to the project team. Did you know that project teams follow similar rules to social networks? The application of this knowledge can enable very successful project implementation. Enjoy!