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T Minus Two Days

Before I go to sleep, I wanted to say here how excited I am about tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day we have to shift things around before we move PoP Project Standard to public beta. We have taken PoP Project from shrink wrap software built on the Eclipse Framework to a fresh, SaaS delivered, and beautiful project management website. Much has gone into PoP Project to shape it into what it is today. We have built into it our powerful convictions of how project management should be performed, how simple and non invasive it should be, and its exact role on a project. We have built up and then torn down more than ten interfaces to get the exact mix of visual metaphors and ease of use on PoP Project. We have removed layer after layer of fluff so now we are left with a focused core of project management. We have consulted with some amazing graphic design talent to finally arrive at a visual so strong that I am convinced that merely the visual will change project management forever. I am equally convinced that it will change what people expect from project management tools in the future. In the words of Mr. Hitchcock, we are creating a "McHubben" for all project management in PoP Project.

Day after tomorrow signals the first time the public get a look at what we have kept hidden away while we built it behind heavy curtains. The most exciting part in all this is knowing, that as perfect and as it will on its day of release, PoP Project is only the start of bigger things. Tip of the iceberg, my friend, tip of the iceberg...

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