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PoP Project (Standard, in Public Beta) is Released!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pride that we release PoP Project (Standard version in Public Beta) today, the fourth of May, Two Thousand and Nine! You can start checking it out at

Wow, what a journey this far. When we started putting PoP Project together, it was a lofty goal of giving everyone everything they could ever ask for. Then as we moved forward, life dawned on us in bits & pieces. We began to realize that focusing on sections of our audience might help, that postponing our features might help, and that watching our private beta customers use the tool certainly helped. We acquired wisdom in bits & pieces. At one point close to its release PoP Project suddenly morphed from a bud into a beautiful flower. It was one of those ‘Eureka’ moments that now separates the ‘then’ from the ‘now’ version in our minds. For those of you who’ve read about the smart black color tone in my blog, yes – that’s what I am talking about.

It has taken us a very late night to bring this to a release today. A lot of last minute work on other pieces besides the tool kept us busy. The website, tour, final testing, all of that took time. Is the release perfect now? Well, we’d love to think so but won’t. There will be kinks, and we promise to set them right for you. That’s why PoP Project is in a public ‘beta’, and that’s why if you are using it, we call you our ‘friend’.


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