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Who Else Wants to Admit that Wizard Applications are The Next Blog

When we found that blogs were a great way to reach and engage an audience, we were very excited. Undoubtedly we also started asking what is next, what happens when everyone has a blog? A few have picked up the trend that tools becoming heavily niched yet staying incredibly complete. Youtube is only for sharing video.   What if there was a Youtube equivalent for your field?  A Youtube equivalent where people share cake recipes?  A Youtube equivalent where people swapped notes on real estate information? A Youtube equivalent where people share knowledge on how to solve specific issues?  The audiences for these applications would be more willing to engage, especially if they were given to tools on the site to engage with.

That is what a wizard application is.  It is a user generated niche solution to a very specific problem, plus all of the tools required to solve that problem.  That is the future of the blog crowd, and already tools like PoP Project have begun allowing users to publish to that market.  The example here with PoP Project is that it allows users to create and publish a plan that solves a very specific problem (i.e. selling real estate in Chicago, applying to college, or delivering a SCRUM project).  Additionally, to any patrons of the published solution the tool provides everything necessary to collaborate with a team and implement the solution, neatly divided over the original plan.

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