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Collapsing Tasks for Simple Project Management

As part of our update week (this week also saw Task Promotion and Demotion, as well as Moving Subtasks Across Tasks), we have added the ability to collapse tasks.  Task based project management the way we implement it has you guys creating many levels of tasks, cluttering your screen with child tasks you don't need to see right now.  With collapse, you have the ability to hide child tasks.  It works very well, and fits the UI very well.  Even the Gantt chart/Timeline view is collapsed appropriately.

Screenshots of the collapsible tasks

Of course, we want to show you our beautiful collapsing tasks that make your web project management so much nicer.  Here is what the task looks like when it is not collapsed:

Uncollapsed task

And when you click the collapse button, here is what you see:

Collapsed task

And that is a wonderful new addition to our smorgasboard of features.  See, we told you PoP Project was the best project management system out there!

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