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Paradigm PoP

Friendly software tools for small and medium sized companies

Guess What? We Changed the Look of Paradigm PoP

We have changed the Paradigm PoP site to a new look. Our motive was to bring across our focus on the people that use our software over the software itself. Also, we looked to make the site cleaner and slightly more corporate.

The old look

Old site

Originally we tried to link the branding of PoP Project to our corporate site. However, the site had two problems. First, the site did not have a very 'corporate' feel. Although we serve small and medium sized companies, we still want to show that we are a business and that we are in business to serve teams. Many complained that the original site did not bring this professionalism across. Second, the site seemed to have a lot of clutter. Although the site has the same information now as it did earlier, the original color scheme made it seem very cluttered to the eye.

The new look

New site

Enter the new site! The information contained within is the same but the color scheme and the layouts have been changed. Now the site relays a more professional image for our company, and the site seems a lot less cluttered with a more prudent choice of colors.

What do you think? Does the new site deliver?

The new site layout rocks my eyes

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