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Empty Response Recieved

** UPDATE 10/24 **
We've managed to get a good sampling of data from over the weekend. You may still see the issue but know we have our engineers working on fixing this! More here later.

We have been made aware that some of you guys are experiencing a strange issue where when you load PoP Project, it gives you a white screen. Digging a bit deeper, we saw that the server returns a response, but it's completely empty.

We are not able to reproduce this consistently so we haven't narrowed down the cause as much as we'd like. Therefore, this weekend we plan to hit the site with a heavy load and use that volume to pin point the source of this bug. We hope to have fixed it on Monday.

In the meanwhile, if you see an empty page come up when you are using PoP, simply hit refresh and you can continue working. If you tried to upload a document or add a chat and you see this response you may have to try again (Sorry, we're working hard to fix it for you!).

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