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Gantt Template

Many projects use Gantt charts. The chart covers information about project tasks like their titles, start and end dates, and durations. A Gantt chart also shows task lengths and relationships in a visually obvious way.

When a project starts, the project manager could look for a Gantt chart template that she could potentially use. If she finds such a template, it would not only save her the time to recreate it, but would also mean that she uses a previous team’s project experience. This sounds great, “With some customization of this Gantt chart template I am going to have a successful project!” Is this really true? In some respects, yes. She would indeed get to see a task list and the visual relationship among the tasks as was built by some previous team(s). However she would not be able to get the thinking, the knowledge about project situations, and the planning elements surrounding the tasks within that template. So, what she really gets is a skeletal structure of tasks, not the spirit of the project which succeeded or failed using them.

How do we improve this? How do we give a PM a Gantt chart template which is soulful? Well, we give not just the Gantt chart skeleton, but add the plan, guidance, and documents with it. Now when the team uses the template, it is actually using someone’s wisdom, not just a hollow task list with pretty visual!

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