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Paradigm PoP

Friendly software tools for small and medium sized companies

It’s time for Project Management and Collaboration the PoP way!

We have been in business for about three years. It’s been as if you are on a plane waiting on the runway to take off. Looking outside and anticipating when you will experience that thrust of aircraft adrenalin which keeps you pinned to your back rest for the seconds while the jets roar to pull the machine off ground and in the air. Then it happens. For PoP Project we are in that exact moment.

So far we have had many beta customers use the tool, but have been waiting to start the take off in terms of sign ups, accolades, and acceptance. Now we see it happening. Of late our users have been telling us how they like the product. Some of them have also declared it to be “far better than XYZ (competitive product) which we have been using so far”. Signups are increasing. That, to us, is the roar of take off. How did we get here? Well, by arguing a lot amongst us, by drinking many cups of tea and coffee and most certainly by learning to listen to our users – nowadays new features or feature modifications happen only if they have been requested by customers! They rule. We serve. The result is (in our opinion) a project management and collaboration tool that is nimble, immediately useful, and becoming popular by the day.

Its time has come.

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