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Collaboration in Cairo

Hail to Democracy!

What happened in Egypt this week is simply amazing. In a 30 second announcement Omar Suleiman declared that Hoshni Mobarak's tyranny of 30 years had ended! It took a non violent movement of 18 days to herald the victory of people's will upon the machinations of the strong arm government, and pave the path for democracy. Gandhi must be smiling. How did they do it? How did the millions who gathered around the country and raised the call for freedom from Tahrir Square organize themselves? It seems that young leaders like the Google exec Wael Ghonim distributed the work to various teams. At that level, it would be almost impossible to hand out nitty gritty tasks to the many people in the teams. It seems that they distributed team level responsibilities ranging from mobilization of area-wise support, scouting out the paths leading to Tahrir Square, guarding specific meeting points, distribution of literature, etc.

That is a great example of collaboration among many which catalyzed a common call among millions. Democracy, salute to thee!

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