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New Feature - Moving Subtasks across Tasks

And we announce another new feature - the ability to move subtasks across tasks!

Say you have two tasks, "Task 1" and "Task 2" which is below Task 1 but is at the same level, i.e. looks vertically aligned on the left. These tasks are mutually independent. Task 1 has a subtask, "Subtask" at a position that looks indented as compared to Task 1. Now if you drag "Subtask" by its '=' handle and swing it all the way to go below Task 2, it will settle down at a position that looks indented as compared to Task 2. What you have just done is to make "Subtask" become a subtask of Task 2 instead of Task 1. When you grab the '=' handle of Task 2 and move it, you will notice that "Subtask" also moves with it. You can move an entire tree (a task with all of its subtasks) across to another main task.

Ths feature will help you in regrouping your tasks. As your project progresses, you will be able to optimize the work plan simply by dragging and dropping subtasks under the right tasks where they make sense at that point during the project.

Screenshots of Moving Subtasks across Tasks

Ok, ok.  You want some eye candy for the new feature, and once again we deliver!  Here is what the drag drop icon looks like:

Starting moving a project task

Now, just click and drag that task to somewhere else in your project.  Suppose we move it to under the milestone.  This is what that looks like (we haven't let go of the mouse button yet, we are still dragging!):

Dragging a task around in a task based project

Finally, you drop the mouse, the page refreshes and voila!  The task is now in the new position.  All of the task's associated wall messages, documents, reminders, etc. are still intact and associated to the task.  The only difference is that the project hierarchy is now changed because the task was moved.

Task has been dropped changing the project task hierarchy

That's it!  Tell us how much you love this addition! (If you hate it, we'd like to know why) (If you're just *meh* about it, that's fine too).

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