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New Feature - Promoting and Demoting Tasks

Moving a task makes easy project planning easier

Today we announce a feature addition to PoP Project - now you can promote and demote tasks!

Say you have two tasks, "Task 1" and "Task 2" which is below Task 1 but is at the same level, i.e. looks vertically aligned on the left. These tasks are mutually independent. Now if you drag Task 2 by its '=' handle to the right, it will settle down at a position that looks indented as compared to Task 1. What you have just done is to "demote" Task 2 - making it a subtask of Task 1. You could add "Task 3" as a subtask of Task 1, and so on. This is like breaking down the work of Task 1 into Task 2, Task 3, etc. When you grab the '=' handle of Task 1 and move it, you will notice that all its subtasks move with it.

You could play it the other way around too. You could drag Task 2 by its '=' handle to the left, when it will settle down at a position that again looks vertically aligned as compared to Task 1. What you would have just done is to "promote" Task 2 - making it independent of Task 1.

I must share an interesting thing about how we are adding features to PoP Project. Let me confess that we are very reluctant to do so. When we started designing the tool we went with many features which we thought would be very useful based on our long years of experience with project management. But then we started realizing that the days of a Microsoft Project like all-feature a la carte were numbered, esp. for home office based users, and small and medium businesses which were seeking effective project management tools in the cloud. So we got smarter, and pared down PoP Project to the basic minimums. Our users started loving it. By now we know that there are many of you out there who wisely want to focus on your projects and not on fancy tools. You want your project management and collaboration tool to do just the right number and kind of things which would help you run your project well. No more, no less. That is where we are niching PoP Project. Features are added only through prioritized customer feedback. Even if that means waiting until now to add promoting and demoting tasks in our Gantt chart!

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