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EPF Project Management Automation with PoP Project

On April 14th, Diwant Vaidya, CEO and Founder, Paradigm PoP, will deliver a webcast to the EPF community on how to use PoP Project to automate projects.

What is EPF? It stands for Eclipse Process Framework. This is an open source project that was commissioned under the Eclipse organization ( Its original goals included coming up with a tool to author processes, and an example process authored using the tool. They have succeeded, in that there is now a publicly available free tool called EPF Composer and a process called OpenUP. Many people have used the tool by now in the industry, and they have published many good processes (e.g. OpenUP and Scrum).

A process published using EPF Composer is rendered as a website which describes the method content needed to accomplish a certain objective. When a project’s team members decide to follow this process, they refer to the website as needed and separately use some other tool to manage their project. EPF Project Automation implies combining the capabilities of the process website published using EPF Composer with a project management tool so that essentially the process becomes “enactable”, i.e., the process becomes the project plan. The team can now use the combined environment to manage their project. When PoP Project is combined with an EPF Composer published website to achieve this (e.g EPF OpenUP and ScrumPoP), the team gets the advantage of automating processes.

How do you connect your EPF website to PoP Project? What are the business benefits of doing so? I will talk about this in my follow up blogs.

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