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Write a Will

The one interesting fact that stood out from my reading of NOLO’s website ( was that a living will bears no relation to the conventional will or living trust used to leave property at death. It opened my mind to two facts:

  1. I must make a living will (&/or advance directive) for end-of-life planning, and
  2. I must also make a conventional will (&/or living trust) for post death wish declaration

Here's A Quick Way to Increase Graduation Rates for Colleges

One of the metrics that colleges use to measure quality is the percent of class that complete the requirement for graduating.  For-profit colleges especially face a harsh standard when measured by graduation rates for the sole reason that they accept a lower standard of student. For those for-profit colleges, here is a quick way to increase that graduation rate: raise the standard of student accepted.

Wills and Advance Directives for End of Life

I hope we are in the same boat today. I am planning for my end of life, and I am being proactive. I am hoping that you are doing it proactively too. But hey, if not, I mean if you are doing it as a reaction to a situation that has recently arisen for you and you must get ready to go, I believe life is infinite. As an experience, it has always been there with you since you were conscious before your birth, and it will always be there with you because you (and me, and everybody else) will die before you know it.

How Do For-Profit Colleges Earn (and Spend) Money?

For-profit colleges like the University of Phoenix have been taking a lot of heat because of their conflict of responsibility to students and education versus their responsibility to investors and business. talks about this debate on education for profit and from their discourse and from discussions with the education industry I have created the below visual of how for-profit colleges earn and spend money

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5 Popular College Application Checklists Available Free Online

Here are the five most popular college application checklists.  These checklists are generic for an application to any college, and are all free to download and use.

End-of-Life Planning: The Four Stages of Grief

You can start End-of-Life Planning proactively, or reactively. Sometime the choice is unfortunately not yours.

You can do it proactively if like me, if no doctor has told you that you will die in X months. Not yet at least. I still would like to remain ready for that eventuality (well, if an accident killed me then if it happened after step 7 “Live - Enjoy Your Bucket List!” of my previous blog, “End of Life List of Seven”, I’d be dead laughing...)

End of Life List of Seven

Now that I have (almost) collated the initial information for End of Life Planning, here is the next step – to make my own list and act on it.

The Bucket List

End of Life can happen anytime. Planning for my life’s end is not the same thing as planning to end my life. It is only about being intelligently proactive.
As I waded through the jargon in section 1233 of the healthcare bill (which by the way I am using as a set of cues to help me make my list) I realized that I needed a cleaner list.

That list, sieved out of section 1233, is here.

  1. Key questions and considerations, important steps, and suggested people to talk to
  2. Living wills and durable  powers of attorney, and their uses

End of Life Planning – the Jargon

My scare about the insurance company refusing to pay me the $100,000 for my loved one’s treatment, and all of us going broke because of it, had hardly subsided when I read this in Chicago Tribune today – “After aneurysm, Assurant Health causes further headaches” (,0,1926150.column). There we go again.