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Death Panels or Death Plans?

President Obama wants to be the last president who tried to settle America's healthcare debate ("I am not the first President to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last." Read more at: The cause he is talking about has already been introduced on a blog published on this site.

What Everybody Ought To Know About End of Life Planning and Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform is the issue for the rest of this year, and it talks a good deal about end of life planning.  End of life planning is costly for the patient, for families, and for the government.  Especially after Sarah Palin's 'Death Panel' myth, people are confused about the details and the intent of Section 1233 of the health care bill which talks about end of life planning.

Here is more on the myth of 'death panels', a quick summary of end of life planning up till recently, and what the new legislation is attempting to do.

3 Ways to Make Learning Knowledge Management Easier

If you are learning knowledge management for your company, then here are three ways to make that a little easier.  Essentially I have talked to people in the field and scoured the net and found three good resources on learning knowledge management. Here they are, in order of greater involvement:

3 Minute Plan For College

High school students and parents of high school students know they have to plan for college.  Planning for college is very close to deciding how the career of the student will begin.  If one files through Google search results or speaks with guidance counselors, then weeks can go making the final plan for college without knowing what questions to ask or which direction to take.  However, I always like to work top down on any planning activity so I have changed the approach a little.

What to Do If I am Terminally Ill?

Have you ever wondered, "what to do if I am terminally ill?" An uncle of mine just celebrated his sixty fifth birthday. He is a cancer survivor, and we are glad to have him with us still. When driving back I put myself in his shoes at the time of being diagnosed with cancer, and I realized the panic any person goes through at this juncture. When the doctor says, "you have only so many months or years to live," what does one do next?

Ways to use PoP Project

These are ways PoP Project can be used, or perhaps audiences who may appreciate PoP Project a little more than others.

Ajax, Context, and the Color Red

We have published the findings of comparing hundreds of sites with the experiences of our own users. Not in a whitepaper, not in an essay, but in a new interface of PoP Project itself. Here is what we did.

Projects are the Context

Get A Free Hosted Documents Manager

I am going to tell you how to get a free hosted documents manager.  You see, every project team I have seen has had difficulty with where documents are stored.  Most often project documents are stored in multiple shared drive locations as well as a few very important files found on the team's flash drive (which has a tendency of losing itself before major meetings).  These teams need a documents manager, which is now available for free to teams who manage their projects on PoP Project.

Share the Project With A Link!

PoP Project can now share the project with a link. Ever since we added team (, people have asked us for a way to share the PoP without requiring log in. We looked at how Google Picasa ( allows people to share photos on there using a single link and we decided we will do something similar. Here is a real link to see an example set up in PoP Project (it is the one in our screenshots).

Bring Your Project Management Team to the Party

Project Management is not a one man show. It never has been. Now PoP Project lets you share your project with others. Bring other people aboard by typing in their email and clicking 'Add'. Screenshot of the Team Tab If they don't have an account? No problem, PoP Project automatically creates their account and lets them know.