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Paradigm PoP

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Thirty New People Now Using PoP Project For Agile Release Planning

I am proud to post that at this time we have gotten the support of an additional thirty people using PoP Project on an agile project. Specifically, the tool is being used for release planning of an agile project based on Scrum. We are pleased that they see the benefits we offer and are trusting us on their large project. I have heard that PoP Project is being used in every meeting to guide the meetings as well as to clear confusion and keep the whole team on the same page.

4 Places To Discuss Twitter for Project Management

Many project managers are looking to use Twitter for smoother projects. Somehow. If you are one of these project managers, where would you use Twitter? How? Exactly these conversations are going on in groups on LinkedIn as well as on Twitter itself. Here are where the most readily available conversations are on how to use Twitter for project management or business in general.

  1. On Twitter there is the #pmot hashtag. Read these conversations at

Chrome OS Dev Leak was a Fake

For the last 12 hours the biggest thing on the internet has been that Google is releasing its own operating system. Dubbed Chrome OS, it will compete with Microsoft Windows, and with Linux distros like Ubuntu. A set of screens went around for a private developer beta. These pictures were fake. They were part of a prank. See the below video. (I give credit to Zoli Erdos from Cloud Ave for telling me that the whole thing was a prank:

Construction vs Software Project Management

Software project managers resign themselves to expecting certain problems because many believe software project management is a young field with very unique issues and the relative difficult that comes with developing software.

Construction project management has been around for a while longer than software project management. Is it easier to deal with because it has been around for longer? Or has it solved the problems we face as software PMs? Do we even face the same issues?

Website Design Rules - How to Set Them and When to Break Them

Your reading this means you have a feeling, however strong, that all well designed websites are based on well defined website design rules. That feeling you have is correct. Good website design must have solid website design rules to promote a more consistent, natural, and pleasant experience for the audience. Having gone through the same process of defining those design rules for our sites, I want to share how one may set these rules and the debates that one must have if any of these rules are to be bent or broken.

George A. Miller and “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two”

In “Rain Man” Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic person, who is able to visualize the number of toothpicks dropped on the floor. How many of us can do that? Perhaps not many. It seems we can focus well on a few things at a time – seven, give or take two, according to Miller. In 1956 cognitive psychologist George A.

Why is there no scroll bar?

Since the release of PoP Project some people have asked us this question, “Why is there no scroll bar on your planning canvas?” (The “planning canvas” is the area where you’d drag and drop PoPs.) My answer: “Because I can’t focus after I see the scroll bar”.

Branding vs Marketing (vs Others)

I read BlogLESS ( and today I found a treat there. They found a diagram on Neutron, LLC that shows the difference between Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Design, and PR.

Neutron's Brand Illustrated

New Feel to Paradigm PoP

We have contracted an impressive UI design firm to give our site a once over, and here are the results. In redoing the interface we had long discussions about what design principles we wanted to stand by and which ones we could bend. In the end, I think the result looks very cool.

I will write a blog detailing our full discussion about design and interface because several gems were discussed there and it is something I want to bring to this community.

My Time Starts NOW!

Ever remember that feeling just after you wrote your last test and returned home? It’s the same feeling I got when we released PoP Project last Monday. It was as if the load had been lifted off my shoulders and I was ready for a long picnic…