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Paradigm PoP

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Play it Again Sam, Or the Correct Way to Design UI

PoP Project is a tool bred to be simple. When the first UI was conceived, it was simple. Yet we found ways to make it simpler. Then when this redone UI was simple we scrutinized it again to make it even simpler. We played the tune of simple several times on PoP Project, and every time we were very pleased with the results. Our private betas were very happy with how simple our tool felt, and each redux made them happier. However, they understood the game and now are in league with our efforts to make our tool simple.

This is how great UI is born.

Why does HDFC suck so much?

I am setting up my Net Banking with HDFC, which is the bank I use when I am in India. In general, Indian sites suck, and HDFC is no exception. I have not registered my account yet, and already I have found two things that have turned me paranoid about the integrity of the site. Hence, I am liveblogging my experience as I continue through this endeavor. HDFC, this entry is a very valuable resource for you. I would love it if one of my customers gave me a play by play on PoP Circle or PoP Project.

Themes in Google Apps Mail!

Paradigm PoP mail is accessed using Google App's mail interface. One disadvantage of this has been that we have not been able to theme the email access well. When we were about to start using Greasemonkey to make it feel like a Paradigm PoP environment, I log in to find that Google has enabled themes on Google Apps!

(By the way, this is probably not their April fool's joke, which was

Seth Rogen, Guy Ritchie, and Branded Movies

If you liked Snatch, you will like Lock Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels ( This will also work in reverse. The two movies have almost the same cast, a plot line that follows the same "what if the British good guy got away with the money in", and the same essence (not to mention that both are directed by Guy Ritchie).

If you liked Knocked Up, check out Superbad, Fanboys, and Pineapple Express. Similar cast, similar comedy.

My Problem with OpenUP

I have been following the progress of the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF, ref: project for some time now. Apparently it was started by folks who were companies or authors or supporters of processes like RUP and Scrum, and then joined on the way by others who boarded the train. Their work has resulted in a smaller version of RUP (IBM’s Rational Unified Process), which they call OpenUP. It is interesting to see how a community of like-minded people can build something like EPF and OpenUP collaboratively and in an open source mode.

Not Solving World Hunger

The making of PoP Project has been quite a journey. I started with some very firm ideas on what it'd look like when done. E.g. it would have interfaces to some popular project management tools. It would have some very intricate and tight workflow management. It would be a very complete, much sought after project management tool.

PoP in the Labor Room

I am excited because PoP Project is getting ready to be born as a public beta soon.

Top 99 Internet Memes

I am ever fascinated with the internet and how it connects us to content and how it creates so much conversation over short video clips. Greg Rutter has come up with his list of 99 most popular Internet Memes. These are mostly short video clips that have become wildly popular on the internet. The internet number for Greg's list is

Some of my favorites are:

Charlie Bit Me:
Charlie The Unicorn:
We Like the Moon:

An Explanation of our Financial Crisis

Another great email forward I received (I am on a roll with these), this one does a good job of explaining how we got our financial crisis. Since Obama has rolled out his budget, we should all understand why these massive numbers were needed in the first place. But who said understanding finance must be boring? Obviously not the author of the below piece.

(If you like such explanations, here is another one about the subprime crisis by John Bird and John Fortune:

The financial crisis explained in simple terms

Comcast, Comcast Cares, and Frank Eliason. Does it Work?

CloudAve wrote an article about Frank Eliason, who spearheaded Comcast's customer care on Twitter (@comcastcares). Read the article here: