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Empty Response Recieved

** UPDATE 10/24 **
We've managed to get a good sampling of data from over the weekend. You may still see the issue but know we have our engineers working on fixing this! More here later.

We have been made aware that some of you guys are experiencing a strange issue where when you load PoP Project, it gives you a white screen. Digging a bit deeper, we saw that the server returns a response, but it's completely empty.

Guess What? We Changed the Look of Paradigm PoP

We have changed the Paradigm PoP site to a new look. Our motive was to bring across our focus on the people that use our software over the software itself. Also, we looked to make the site cleaner and slightly more corporate.

Collapsing Tasks for Simple Project Management

As part of our update week (this week also saw Task Promotion and Demotion, as well as Moving Subtasks Across Tasks), we have added the ability to collapse tasks.  Task based project management the way we implement it has you guys creating many levels of tasks, cluttering your screen with child tasks you don't need to see right now.

Fail! Missing Project Wall Replies and a Failed Cron Job

Recently, we heard from our users that email replies were not being sent to the wall. Further investigation led us to find 15 emailed replies that had not made their way to the wall. Also, several emails were not being read and posted completely (it looked like the system was eating part of the reply!).

The email reply system is now fixed, and here is what we did to fix it.

The Secret of The 1/19/80 Social Project Team

Here is a Prezi I made to start thinking about how to apply what we have learned about social networks to the project team. Did you know that project teams follow similar rules to social networks? The application of this knowledge can enable very successful project implementation. Enjoy!

4 Very Important Things to Note When Getting Software Programmed By Someone Else

A year ago we had some of our code written by someone else.  That year we learned a LOT about getting code done from an outside source.  Now it is a year later, and the site has been in public beta for a few weeks (check it out at  Customers that are using it cannot tell us enough about how amazing a tool we have made (and we are disposed to agree).  That the venture of offshoring my development was more rocky than I anticipated is true.  However, not all is anticlimactic and there are some strong positives I have gained.  That I l

How to do Project Management and Planning Like a Pro

The task of project management and planning for your small business has been placed on your shoulders, and you are eager to start but unsure of what to do next.  There are lots of certifications, and online tutorials for project management and planning but nothing really comprehensive for someone fresh on the block.  This guide will get you up and running as a project management and planning expert, regardless of your experience in project management from before. 

Project Management and Planning using the Rule of Three Threes

Who Else Wants to Admit that Wizard Applications are The Next Blog

When we found that blogs were a great way to reach and engage an audience, we were very excited. Undoubtedly we also started asking what is next, what happens when everyone has a blog? A few have picked up the trend that tools becoming heavily niched yet staying incredibly complete. Youtube is only for sharing video.   What if there was a Youtube equivalent for your field?  A Youtube equivalent where people share cake recipes?  A Youtube equivalent where people swapped notes on real estate information?

How to Set Up a Web Tool Company For Under $100 a Month

When I started out people were certain that the cost for starting a business was going to lower. The fear for many was that there would be increased competition and hair thin margins on prices. I strongly believe that running a business is more than setting up shop and so here is how to set up your company on solid infrastructure for less than $100 a month.

How to Search MySQL Using PHP

I wanted to figure out how to let my users search our published projects on PoP Project. Googling for 'search mysql php' gave me several scripts that would search a sql table column from form input. BUT THEY WERE ALL DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND, as well as generally procedurally written.  I found little explanation and unwilling to use a script that I did not understand or like, I kept searching.