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Website Design Rules - How to Set Them and When to Break Them

Your reading this means you have a feeling, however strong, that all well designed websites are based on well defined website design rules. That feeling you have is correct. Good website design must have solid website design rules to promote a more consistent, natural, and pleasant experience for the audience. Having gone through the same process of defining those design rules for our sites, I want to share how one may set these rules and the debates that one must have if any of these rules are to be bent or broken.

George A. Miller and “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two”

In “Rain Man” Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic person, who is able to visualize the number of toothpicks dropped on the floor. How many of us can do that? Perhaps not many. It seems we can focus well on a few things at a time – seven, give or take two, according to Miller. In 1956 cognitive psychologist George A.

Why is there no scroll bar?

Since the release of PoP Project some people have asked us this question, “Why is there no scroll bar on your planning canvas?” (The “planning canvas” is the area where you’d drag and drop PoPs.) My answer: “Because I can’t focus after I see the scroll bar”.

Branding vs Marketing (vs Others)

I read BlogLESS ( and today I found a treat there. They found a diagram on Neutron, LLC that shows the difference between Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Design, and PR.

Neutron's Brand Illustrated

New Feel to Paradigm PoP

We have contracted an impressive UI design firm to give our site a once over, and here are the results. In redoing the interface we had long discussions about what design principles we wanted to stand by and which ones we could bend. In the end, I think the result looks very cool.

I will write a blog detailing our full discussion about design and interface because several gems were discussed there and it is something I want to bring to this community.

My Time Starts NOW!

Ever remember that feeling just after you wrote your last test and returned home? It’s the same feeling I got when we released PoP Project last Monday. It was as if the load had been lifted off my shoulders and I was ready for a long picnic…

Is GMail the best because it is online and SaaS?

I watched a gentleman give a ten minute lecture on why SaaS is so wonderful. I agree completely ( to see me agree that SaaS rocks). However, I find it very strange that a company would take the full presentation to talk about why accessing something over the internet is much better than installing and maintaining it on local computers. GMail is SaaS, but if one were to talk for ten minutes on GMail, most of the presentation would talk about the cool archiving approach, the gigabytes of storage, the themes.

Free is not a Business Model

Seth Godin's article, "Too much free" (, had me nodding in agreement with the fact that sticking FREE on a product no longer garners the attention it once commanded. On releasing PoP Project ( we took a long time to decide to allow a free trial, and our final decision to allow it was not so we get more users. Rather, the free trial was rightly suggested by one of our private beta customers as a period where the customer learns how much value PoP Project brings to their project.

PoP Project (Standard, in Public Beta) is Released!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pride that we release PoP Project (Standard version in Public Beta) today, the fourth of May, Two Thousand and Nine! You can start checking it out at

The Single Reason Why SaaS Rocks

PoP Project and all of our tools are delivered over the web. That delivery model is called Software as a Service, and today I was reminded of why it is a rocking idea. In preparing PoP Project for release, I was running some tests from my laptop on PoP Project. I had taken 15 minutes to set up an entire project on PoP Project when my laptop's battery died (ok, so I guess the orange blinking light is a bad thing to ignore for so long). I panicked for a bit, but then recalled that all of my data is safe including up to the last minute because all of the data is hosted on a stable server!