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The Bucket List

End of Life can happen anytime. Planning for my life’s end is not the same thing as planning to end my life. It is only about being intelligently proactive.
As I waded through the jargon in section 1233 of the healthcare bill (which by the way I am using as a set of cues to help me make my list) I realized that I needed a cleaner list.

That list, sieved out of section 1233, is here.

  1. Key questions and considerations, important steps, and suggested people to talk to
  2. Living wills and durable  powers of attorney, and their uses

End of Life Planning – the Jargon

My scare about the insurance company refusing to pay me the $100,000 for my loved one’s treatment, and all of us going broke because of it, had hardly subsided when I read this in Chicago Tribune today – “After aneurysm, Assurant Health causes further headaches” (,0,1926150.column). There we go again.

Death Panels or Death Plans?

President Obama wants to be the last president who tried to settle America's healthcare debate ("I am not the first President to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last." Read more at: The cause he is talking about has already been introduced on a blog published on this site.

3 Minute Plan For College

High school students and parents of high school students know they have to plan for college.  Planning for college is very close to deciding how the career of the student will begin.  If one files through Google search results or speaks with guidance counselors, then weeks can go making the final plan for college without knowing what questions to ask or which direction to take.  However, I always like to work top down on any planning activity so I have changed the approach a little.