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Paradigm PoP

Friendly software tools for small and medium sized companies

About us

Paradigm PoP

Paradigm PoP is a tech startup company founded in 2007.  Our headquarters are in Delaware, and we also have offices in Chicago.  Our softwares enjoy an international user base.

The Paradigm

"Human Ecosystems.  Engineered"

Look at any set of people and observe a complicated ecosystem playing out as conversations, interactions, and group memory.  Add more people to this group via iPhones, SMS, and email and suddenly the ecosystem becomes much more complicated and messy.

We want technology to make sense of that mess.  We predict where human interactions become intricate and chaotic and then we engineer software help to smoothen those interactions.  Thus we deliver better human ecosystems.  Engineered!

The PoP

PoP is an acronym, meaning Project of Projects.  Having analyzed complex industry software projects for over twenty years, we have gleaned a sense that work is recursive.  All projects are made of smaller projects, ad infinitum.  This simple idea changes how we conduct project management in our own company, as well as how we enact it in our tools.  Benefits of the PoP concept are that ownership is now given to the rest of the team (as happens naturally in agile teams), risk is divided and tackled in smaller sizes as the work is chunked up into smaller projects, and even conversations are cleaner when split according to the specific sub project to which they relate.  See PoP Project, a tool grown strongly out of this concept.

Executive Team

Our team is kept very small and we rely on very capable partners, which is what has made Paradigm PoP so successful in this difficult economy.

Diwant Vaidya

Diwant Vaidya

CEO and Founder, Diwant is a serial entrepreneur having started three companies and orchestrated the sale of four Facebook applications. He is currently captaining the release of PoP Project, PoP Circle, PoP Source, and PoP Tracker. Find his blog entries on our company blog, and follow him on Twitter at

Valued Partners

Kensium A quickly growing software development firm located in the heart of Hyderabad, India.  More than one hundred employees, with experience in developing project management tools for the web.

Illinois SBDC Illinois SBDC mentors us in growing our business correctly.  Thanks to their help we have avoided many mistakes startups make.

Project Management Veterans People who know the industry and its pains offer a guiding hand on how to approach many issues faced by our customers.  These professionals have a combined experience of more than fifty years in project management.