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Empty Response Recieved

** UPDATE 10/24 **
We've managed to get a good sampling of data from over the weekend. You may still see the issue but know we have our engineers working on fixing this! More here later.

We have been made aware that some of you guys are experiencing a strange issue where when you load PoP Project, it gives you a white screen. Digging a bit deeper, we saw that the server returns a response, but it's completely empty.

Collapsing Tasks for Simple Project Management

As part of our update week (this week also saw Task Promotion and Demotion, as well as Moving Subtasks Across Tasks), we have added the ability to collapse tasks.  Task based project management the way we implement it has you guys creating many levels of tasks, cluttering your screen with child tasks you don't need to see right now.

It’s time for Project Management and Collaboration the PoP way!

We have been in business for about three years. It’s been as if you are on a plane waiting on the runway to take off. Looking outside and anticipating when you will experience that thrust of aircraft adrenalin which keeps you pinned to your back rest for the seconds while the jets roar to pull the machine off ground and in the air. Then it happens. For PoP Project we are in that exact moment.

So far we have had many beta customers use the tool, but have been waiting to start the take off in terms of sign ups, accolades, and acceptance. Now we see it happening.


Hosted tools for SMBs. We trust these tools and are running our own company on them.

PoP Project

PoP Project

Project Management

See your project, run your project. Project Management on a tool so cool it can win you business.

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Paradigm PoP is a tech startup company founded in 2007.  Our headquarters are in Delaware, and we also have offices in Chicago.  Our softwares enjoy an international user base.

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