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Paradigm PoP

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Gantt chart

Collapsing Tasks for Simple Project Management

As part of our update week (this week also saw Task Promotion and Demotion, as well as Moving Subtasks Across Tasks), we have added the ability to collapse tasks.  Task based project management the way we implement it has you guys creating many levels of tasks, cluttering your screen with child tasks you don't need to see right now.

New Feature - Moving Subtasks across Tasks

And we announce another new feature - the ability to move subtasks across tasks!

New Feature - Promoting and Demoting Tasks

Moving a task makes easy project planning easier

Today we announce a feature addition to PoP Project - now you can promote and demote tasks!

Gantt Template

Many projects use Gantt charts. The chart covers information about project tasks like their titles, start and end dates, and durations. A Gantt chart also shows task lengths and relationships in a visually obvious way.