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Paradigm PoP

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Guess What? We Changed the Look of Paradigm PoP

We have changed the Paradigm PoP site to a new look. Our motive was to bring across our focus on the people that use our software over the software itself. Also, we looked to make the site cleaner and slightly more corporate.

Why does HDFC suck so much?

I am setting up my Net Banking with HDFC, which is the bank I use when I am in India. In general, Indian sites suck, and HDFC is no exception. I have not registered my account yet, and already I have found two things that have turned me paranoid about the integrity of the site. Hence, I am liveblogging my experience as I continue through this endeavor. HDFC, this entry is a very valuable resource for you. I would love it if one of my customers gave me a play by play on PoP Circle or PoP Project.